Why be Cold in Winter when we can Keep you Warm

Lifestyle Heating can design and install central heating system for your town or country home to suit your lifestyle.
Using Hydronic heating, heated water pumped through underfloor pipes or to radiators we can transform a house into a cosy home.
We can provide inslab heating, under floor heating or radiator heating depending on your homes construction.

By understanding your home and lifestyle we can recomend the best heat source for you

Multi Tasking Heat Pumps         

Heating and Cooling     

Ask us how they can transform you new home

No matter what style of house We have a style to suit No matter what style of house We have a style to suit No matter wehere you are No matter what style of house External heating units


  • 18+ years of industry experience

  • Silent and user friendly

  • Electronically controlled

  • Gentle radiant heat

  • New build and retrofit

  • Radiators, underfloor or inslab heating

  • A choice of heat sources/boilers eg gas, diesel or wood

  • Technical expertise and practical knowhow

  • Specific design for every house

Hydronic Heating is warm water pumped through the floor via inslab pipes or to radiators to quietly and efficiently heat the house to a controlled temperature. Healthy, comfortable and economically viable heating option especially good form of heating for anyone with air borne allergies because there is no perceptible air movement.  Cost effective run by timers and thermostats to control the house environment; saves money


Do you have a beautiful old villa or bungalow?
You love it but it is FREEZING in winter??
We have the answer! 

It is possible to retrofit radiators which will dramatically alter your comfort and the livability of your beautiful old home. Especially effectively for natural gas heating options. Discreet piping system with minimal visual impact. Panel radiator suitable for modern and older style homes

*Radiator installations only, houses need to have access under the floor (not suitable for concrete floor homes) etc

DIY - Click here for Kitsets
(Available for underfloor option


“2 Grand Ladies”

Two lovely houses have recently been given a new lease of life with a Lifestyle Heating radiator system. Both houses with large,  high ceiling rooms were damp and cold during the winter making life miserable for their owners.

They were in need of an installation that reflected the grand nature of these homes and was able to be achieved with minimal interruption of family life.

The radiators installed by Lifestyle Heating achieved both those aims. The radiators are not only in keeping with the style and grandeur of the houses but they have dramatically improved the livability of the whole home. The cold and damp are banished!

Both sets of owner are thrilled with the results and their families are very happy with their lovely warm rooms. Daughter’s comment “My bedroom used to be the coldest room in the house and now its fine”

Because of the different requirements of the families and houses, one house is heated via a wood burner and the other is heated by a gas boiler.

One style Does Not Fit All!
Our aim is to provide a warm home in winter that meets your lifestyle needs.

Talk to us about your heating requirements and we’ll be happy to help you achieve your aims.

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